A word from the university vice chancellor


     In deed , Nile Valley University has special ,unique official records among the Sudanese universities. It  is the first and formost university to be established in the north  of Sudan . It was established in 1990, in accordance with the degree of the president of the Republic of Sudan . Two other universities have branched from the Nile Valley University : Shendi University and Dongola University.

     Initially , the Nile Valley University has been established upon two distinguished individual colleges , which have had along and rich history in the fields  of  academic excellence, applied sciences and professionalism: the Mechnical Engineering  College, Atbara 1976, and the Faculty of Education, Atbara 1984. So the university now is in its third decade of age, stepping confidently forwards towards a brighter future. All the former administrative personnels have exerted vigorous efforts and thus have added a great deal to the university infrastructure, development and progress.

      The university website narrates this rich history, describes the university current status and previews its promising future.

       The Nile Valley University today with its (12) colleges , numerous academic programmes, more than (17000) male and female students,(400) academic staff-members; looking forwards to a promising future, eagerly viewing the far and near horizons of the planned university academic town, to the east of Atbara town.

     In the  recent five years , the university campus has enjoyed a renaissance .There have been great improvements in the beautification of  the environment and development of the  university buildings and establishments.

       Every year the number of students admission is increasing due to the provision of new programmes , courses and specializations .

            The sector of the academic staff-members also, witnesses great development s in poth quality and quantity  through scholarships and offers from our college of Graduate  Studies , sister universities with in Sudan , and from institutions a broad.

        The Nile Valley University in all its faculties and colleges, always seeks to observe and maintain self-assessment and accreditation , and total quality insurance.

        The University also gives  especial care  and attention  to scientific research, authorship and publication . Furthermore,  it endeavours to establish , strengthen and maintain bilateral and mutual local, regional and international relationships with other sister universities and academies.

        To conclude, then ,we greet all visitors of this website, which is built and run by a distinguished group of experts : CIT technicians, CIT staff-members and administrators. We hope, with Allahs will, to develop and improve it further and further more.


Thank you very mutch


Professor Ali Abdallah Ali Al-Naiem