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About Us

The college was established as a unit of higher studies in 1994; itís most important aims are to organize and encourage scientific researches through cooperation and coordination with the different faculties of the university, and executing higher studies programmes. After the distinct success being achieved, and the increasing number of applicants (students applying for higher studies), the senate of the university decided to promote this unit into an independent college in 2002 .

The objectives of the college of post-graduate studies:

1.       To construct a solid and an effective ground for the scientific research in the university and in both local and national communities.

2.       Developing the scientific abilities of  post-graduate students with the intention to graduate a competent elite which is capable for adding to the field of knowledge.

3.       Exploiting and functioning scientific research methods in achieving and promoting instrumental knowledge and publishing it.

4.       Satisfying the needs of community by providing it with qualified specialists.

5.       Treating developmental, economical, social, humane and technical problems which may always face the community.

6.       Contributing scientifically to humane knowledge.

7.       Encouraging and motivating the movement of scientific research in the university and abroad.

8.       Improving the level of the subject matters provided qualitatively and quantitatively for the better.

9.       To facilitate the ease of making higher studies available locally, regionally or universally.

10.  Coordinating scientific researches in the university itself from one hand, and creating scientific relations with the other universities in addition to research centres in the Sudan or abroad.

The College Council:

1. Vice- Chancellor


2. Deputy Vice- Chancellor


3. Dean of the college of post-graduate studies


4. Dean of studentís affairs


5. Dean of academic affairs


6. Dean of libraries


7. Dean of the university faculties


8. Three proficient members or experts in this connection to be appointed vice chancellor.


9. Vice- dean of the college of post-gradate


10. Registrar of the collage