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Academic systems:
       It depends on a plan of short courses in different areas with adopting a sophisticated approach to upgrade the learners’ skills for a period of (6) months in the following areas:
1. Islamic Studies: includes a definition of the characteristics of Islam and the  family doctrine, education, worship and  Qur'an science ( memorization and recitation) and prophet biography and sayings.
2. Food and nutrition: the theoretical side is interested in food education, food components and baby food. The practical side, making of sweets , baked foods, pastry, meat, milk and dairy products, juice , jam and sauces.
3. Aesthetics: It is divided into three sections: art and design - manual works - tailoring and sewing.
4. Environmental Studies: interested in issues of natural resource components of the plant, nurseries, landscaping, environmental health, pollution and   its dangers.
5. Public Health: include breastfeeding, nutrition, diseases of malnutrition, vaccination, diarrhea, reproductive health, health of the elderly, endemic diseases, first aid and nursing.