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 A) English as a Foreign Language

1) At College of Education / Nile valley University

Reading Skills (First Year)

Writing Skills (First Year): Paragraph Writing

Reading Skills (Second Year)

English for Medicine / Preparatory Year

English for Education (Second Year)

English for Science (Second Year)

English for Business Students (First, Second and Third Years).

2) At The Faculty of Medicine/ The Faculty of Arabic and Islamic studies

English for Academic Purposes: ( Media , Economics, Usul Al Deen ( Islamic Jurisprudence) and Arabic language Departments ) listening and note-taking, seminar skills, writing , book and article reviews, reading academic texts, study skills .

3) At Graduate College / Nile valley University : Modern grammar, Advanced Linguistics , Lexical Semantics , Pragmatics , Contrastive linguistics, Advanced language Practice , Testing , Literature and foreign language teaching , Syllabus Design , and Research Methodologies etc . 4) Now I am teaching in Al Baha University- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Undergraduate Courses: Semantics , Morphology and Syntax, Vocabulary Building, Better English Pronunciation, Phonetics , and Essay writing .